What is Tomeah Health?

Tomeah Health provides a platform to home care agencies that combines a private-labeled web portal with a native app, driving greater scheduling efficiencies, enhanced caregiver management and offering point-of-care payment options.

A core component of the platform is how Tomeah tech-enables a remote caregiver workforce in order to improve transparency and simplify communication in the delivery of in-home care.

Tomeah conveniently connects you with the best caregivers based on your unique needs, anytime and anywhere.

Our goal is simple: create a home care experience tailored to your exact needs, without any headache.

Why Tomeah Health?

Flexibility & Convenience

Whether it’s a one-time or recurring need, on-demand scheduling lets you find the care you want, when you want it.

Personalized Care

Select from common visit types or input your own specific needs - our agency partners will ensure the right caregiver is matched to provide the highest level of care.

Ease of Use

Simple to create a profile and schedule service. Past visits are stored in your profile, so you can easily request the service or caregiver again.

Visibility and Control

All caregivers - and their ratings - are available upon scheduling care. Once care is scheduled, you have the ability to change caregivers based on your preferences.

Trust and Reliability

Extensive background checks, interviews and certifications are required before being approved by agencies. Caregiver ratings are visible, and feedback is continuously monitored.

Transparent Pricing

Cost shouldn’t be a guessing game, so we make it clear in the app. Select the type of visit and review pricing prior to requesting care. Contracts and commitments vary by agency.

Services Provided


Help with medication

Reminders and oversight to ensure all medication is taken as directed, refills are obtained and filled on time and medication is working for patient needs.


Staying fit & active

Help in achieving your fitness goals with everything from short walks to specific exercise programs.


Meal preparation

Meal planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation based on specific diet and nutritional needs.



Run errands with your caregiver, or have them do it for you.



Get where you need to go comfortably and safely, in your car or theirs.



Help with light housekeeping (dishes, laundry, tidying), seasonal projects and organization.


Personal care & hygiene

Help with dressing, bathing or toileting with trusted professionals.



Find someone to share in daily activities and hobbies, or simply converse.

How does Tomeah Health work?

The Tomeah app allows those in need of care - or family members caring for a loved one - to select a date and time, input visit details and utilize location services to efficiently schedule an in-home caregiver from a local agency.

Tomeah Health app screenshots