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Today, there are over 46 million people in the US over the age of 65. 

Every single day, another 10,000 people turn 65. 

Our country is facing a major issue - how do we support our aging population?

More importantly, in our opinion, how do we allow our aging population to maintain their dignity, independence and happiness while reducing the stress placed on immediate family members?

While we continue to chip away at these macro issues, Tomeah Health was inspired by a micro issue facing my family: how can we better coordinate care to provide for an aging family member recovering from a recent stroke? 

Here is the scenario: my grandmother was discharged from the hospital earlier this year after a 5-week stay, including rehab. My aunt was gracious and loving enough to spend much of those five weeks at her bedside, as well as another few months helping her settle back in at home.

My aunt was one of the 43.5 million people in our country providing unpaid care for an aging loved one. 

My grandmother eventually regained enough strength and fortitude to go back to living alone, however, the stroke has made it more difficult for her to walk and her peripheral vision is gone. She has adjusted to her new normal: no more driving, difficulty getting downstairs to the basement to do laundry and a considerably longer time to get up each morning. 

As you can imagine, as a family, we knew she needed some help.

I will spare the specific details, but our experience in finding "good, high quality" home care was absolutely disastrous. The lack of integrity, transparency and quality was astonishing. It took our family multiple attempts to find someone we trusted enough to provide for my grandmother, and even then we are still in the dark with what the day-to-day activities are. 

Tomeah Health exists because I know, from firsthand experience, that our aging population - and their families - deserve better

 Tomeah Health CEO Matt Pierce and his grandmother, Jenny (aka Ninny). 

Tomeah Health CEO Matt Pierce and his grandmother, Jenny (aka Ninny). 

In short, we launched Tomeah Health in order to provide an on-demand, personalized home care platform that allows for honest and fair pricing, Caregiver transparency and coordinated communication among family members. We provide these via an easy-to-use application, that can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

While leveraging technology is a major component of Tomeah Health's success, our true product are the Tomeah Caregivers. We carefully select Caregivers after a thorough interview process, require background and drug screens and then conduct training sessions in order to ensure that the highest quality care is being delivered at all times. 

There is much good that needs to be done in this industry and we believe that Tomeah Health will not only provide consistent high-quality care but, in doing so, we will positively impact the lives and health of families across the country!

Tomeah Health: delivering the exceptional care you deserve, at home.